Shanghai (7)

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Suzhou Streets, China


If you're one of my followers on my EGS Photography website, on my @egs75paris or @egsparis on Instagram, or on my @egsparis Twitter account, you surely noticed I often shot lonely people.

People, together, interact depending on informal "group rules" that modifies slightly each member's own personality.

People alone are themselves: they can be happy, sad, lost in their thoughts, crying, laughing, without anybody to question, blame or judge them.

Sometimes I must admit I feel like a voyeur when I make these kinds of shots.

But finally, they are just true lives shots. 

Young lives, old lives, happy lives, sad lives, poor lives, rich lives (i'm not talking about money when I think "rich" and "poor"), loveless lives and...lonely lives.

We're all alone until we find love.

And love is not eternal. 



Shanghai Streets


I'm glad for coming to grips with editing my photos of Shanghai!

Working on my travels pictures is always a fascinating experience: it's like going back to a place you didn't visit for a very long time, and it makes you say to yourself "oh, I know this place"!!

Then you remember very precisely the moment, the context, the sounds, the smells and the people that were surrounding you, as well as your friends that was supporting you at this particular and unique moment when you pressed the shutter button to capture it.

I love this feeling.



Amazing Shanghaï


Shanghaï is one of the latest cities I've visited.

As Hong Kong, my favorite one, Shanghaï is an amazing city, and some kind of paradise for photographers.

Modern and traditional architecture, modern and traditional people, open to all kind of arts, full of colors and smells.

I definitely love it!


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