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Saigon Again!


I'm sometimes stupid!

Two years passed since I went to Vietnam for the first time, from Paris.

Since I've been living in Hong Kong, I never realized I was so close from this so nice country.

It was then my destination last week, because I needed to move: 5 days spent in Saigon, meeting my friends, making two new ones.

For sure, I will now go there more often: close and quite cheap to go, nice people, yummy food, amazing ways of life, I definitely love Vietnam.

This post picture was made in Saigon, 3 days ago.



A Good Picture?


Last week, two people, a man and a women that don't know each other, commented on two of my pictures on Facebook.

Their comments where not what I would call enthusiastic ones ;-)

I had to think about what they wrote, as one was finding my pictures too flat, the other one too contrasted!

This contradiction made me think that the perception people have of your art works can be slightly different from one people to another.

Their "judgment" has no meaning but one: they SAW your art, and your art made them REACT.


What is a good picture?

If you know the answer to this question, please share!

Pictures are as sculptures, as painting, as movies, as wine, as food. Some will like what some other will not.

There are no rules.

What seems like a very good picture will be considered as really bad, or worse without any interest, by someone else.


Bad/No interest: maybe the answer is hiding there. 

Good or bad, this is not the question: that's why finding an answer is not possible.

"Without any interest" or "with some interest", is perhaps better.

As long as someone "feels" something about your picture, your sculpture, your painting, even something really bad, any feeling about your art should be considered as some kind of proof that your art is presenting some interest. 

From there, "bad" means nobody cares about your art, nobody cares about what you wanted to say through your piece of art, nobody even noticed your art: this is the worse thing for an artist, this is the worse and more discouraging for me.

My point of view ;-) what's yours? 



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