China 2015


I finished editing my pictures of China...from summer 2015!!

Yes, it took such a long time! But I was pretty busy with so many things not relating to photography...

I'm so happy to have some time to work as much as I want since September 2016!

Coming soon: Vietnam, Hong Kong, Guizhou, Barcelona pictures :-)



Low Lights


I like to shoot at low lights.

Don't ask me why...

Maybe looking for different atmospheres, maybe for challenging: low lights need some technical skills, more post-prod work (to reduce noise in the picture and keep details).

That's why I choose wide aperture lens, and full frame digital camera.


November 2016


Après presque trois mois à voyager (Vietnam, Hong Kong, Paris, Marseille, Barcelone, Paris, Hong Kong, Guyang et Chongqing, dans l'ordre), une petite pause devenait nécessaire.

Ne serait-ce que pour trier et travailler les photos ramenées!

Novembre et décembre seront donc parisiens, et le climat n'étant pas aussi agréable pour moi que celui de Hong Kong, c'est au chaud, devant mon ordinateur, que je passerai ces deux mois.

Je reste néanmoins disponible pour toute sollicitation photographique :-)


After three months traveling ((Vietnam, Hong Kong, Paris, Marseille, Barcelone, Paris, Hong Kong, Guyang et Chongqing) I had to make a pause... At least to sort and work with all the pictures I did! Then I will spend november and december in my home in Paris, working on my computer :-)


New Photo Blog



I'm back from Asia again :-)

Lot of pictures are waiting on my computer: Hong Kong, Guiyang, Chongqing, Saigon...

But sorry for that, I broke my photoblog website trying to update it :-(

I'm now rebuilding it from scratch, and it will take some time...

In the meantime, visit my Facebook page to get news.


edit 07/08/2017: I tried to use Koken for blogging. But Koken is nice if you always pay for something more... Then I decided to come back to Joomla CMS.

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