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EGS Photography

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Marseille, France

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Back from Asia, staying a few days home in Paris, then going to my brother's place in Marseille.

Marseille is one of my favorite places in France.

The light here is so special, so convenient for photographers!

And the sunsets from the MUCEM are incredibles.


Back to Paris

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From Asia, back to Paris, before moving to Marseille, Barcelona, then Asia again...

2016 would have been such a magic year for me.

Still a few days before travelling again, as I write these lines :-)


Happy New year!

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I wish everybody a wonderful and happy new year!

2016 was, from july, amazing for me. I hope 2017 will stay amazing, and I hope it will be 2017 times better than 2016 for you too.

I keep on working on my Asia 2016 pictures, before coming back when my heart lives now.

I miss Hong Kong, I miss Asia.


Color or B&W?

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Some of my friends consider I should make B&W pictures only.

Of course, B&W look so "professional"...

But every photographer knows it's so more difficult to make a good color photography!

Maybe I should choose facility.

I'm undecided.

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