Talking about pricing, talking about money, it's something I'm not really good at...

But as everybody, I need to work to live, and working means getting paid. I've bought expensive camera and lenses, lights, accessories, computer, softwares, and editing pictures means spending long hours working after shooting. I can't "give" this for free.

Anyway, I sometimes shoot for free: I do it when I am the one who ask for pictures (usually because I find the model interesting and really want to make pictures with her/him).

If I need a model for a paid project, I am the one who pay ;-) 


In every other cases, I have to be honest, I need to get paid, because...I need money to live, just as you.


Money I ask depends on the pictures you ask for: making pictures for social network profiles is not the same as making pictures for a actor's book, or making pictures in Paris streets (where I live) is not the same as making pictures in a studio at Sydney (where I will have to book flight, hotel and studio), for example.

So tell me what you need, I will tell how much I charge.


For "basic" photoshoots, I usually ask 200 euros for two hours shooting, and 90 euros for each extra hour : this is just an indication price.

You will ask: "what do I get for this price?". And you're right to ask :-)

This is the price for two hours photo shooting, outdoor or indoor one (indoor means at your home or in another place of your choice). For indoor shooting, I will ask money for moving (flight, hotel) if you're not close to my place, or for studio renting if you choose this option. You will get all the good pictures made, and at least 10 edited pictures in high definition (printing).

Whatever your project is, best is to talk about it BEFORE talking about money. 


Buying a picture

Every picture I make can be bought, as digital high resolution file or as printed photography.

Depending on the size (for printed ones) and mounting types, prices are slightly different (as example, a 60*40 cm printed picture, mounted on 4mm PVC, is around 450 euros with certificate od authenticity).

Contact me if you want to buy one of my pictures.


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