Paris, Bastille

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Picture taken using iPhone 6S ;-)

I'll be available for photoshootings in Paris from march 15th to 31st. 

If you're concerned, please get in touch with me for booking day/time.

You can find pricing here.


Shooting in Paris again

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I don't make a lot of people's photo shootings in Paris anymore.

But I made a new one this morning, with a very nice guy from Thailand.

He's a musician (professional cellist) and a part time model (he played in a video advertising for Pepsi recently).

But this is not the point of this post...

I wrote one on my Facebook this week, talking about a Paris "photographer" that pretends working as it since 28 years, and only makes, according to me, only "feelingless" pictures. I was a little upset to see people "liking" on Facebook one of this pictures shot in one of Paris tunnels. The picture was simply bad: no feeling, as usually, but such a poor quality! Everybody would have made a better feelingless picture with an iPhone 4! 

Maybe I'm pretentious, maybe I'm jealous, maybe I'm just right: light and emotions are raw materials for a photographer. If you don't know how to deal with them, don't pretend you're a photographer. Just say you like taking pictures. It's not a shame, but being humble is being human and is being honest with others and with yourself.

Anyway, I'm proud to show that making nice pictures is tunnel is a possible ;-)


Switzerland Fun

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Switzerland Culture Association in Paris is fun ;-)

I love their discreet program advertising in rue des Francs Bourgeois, in Paris.

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