Saigon Again!

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I'm sometimes stupid!

Two years passed since I went to Vietnam for the first time, from Paris.

Since I've been living in Hong Kong, I never realized I was so close from this so nice country.

It was then my destination last week, because I needed to move: 5 days spent in Saigon, meeting my friends, making two new ones.

For sure, I will now go there more often: close and quite cheap to go, nice people, yummy food, amazing ways of life, I definitely love Vietnam.

This post picture was made in Saigon, 3 days ago.



Saigon Night

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I took this picture on my last night in Saigon in 2016.

Vietnam is a great country: each time I look back at the pictures I made there, I get an irresistible urge to come back.

Sure, I will!


Vietnam 2016

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I've started my work on the pictures I made in Vietnam last summer.

The picture inserted in this post (Saigon) was shot on my very first day in Vietnam.

The dark sky, and the "after shower" light, helped me to make some great pictures.

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