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Welcome to my photo-blog.

I'm a french photographer, based in Paris and Hong Kong, and working in France and Asia mainly.

I started at 12 years old, spending most of my time in the dark room, learning the basics of photography. Oh no, it was not digital photography age yet! And yes, I started to work and to learn to deal with light in the good old way, when you could not take many shots of the same subject to get a chance to get one good picture.

Passionated by life, my main exploration domain is street photography. I travel a lot, mainly in Asia since 2015, to try to catch some good street life pictures.

But as i am curious, my works sometimes concern other domains of photography, as fashion, portraits, landscapes or even fetish photography.

I created this photoblog to share news about my activities (travels, publishings, shows). It's updated when I find time, but I try to keep it alive ;)

You will also find there informations about the way I work, how to collaborate with me, how much I charge (photography is not "just" a passion) and anything you can't find on my official website.

Feel free to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for a photoshooting, a question, if you want to buy some pictures, or anything else regarding to my activity.

 You can also find me on Instagram (@egsparis and @egsphotographer), as on Facebook (@EGS Paris).


巴黎的摄影师(见我的照片博客 (www.egsphotography.com)音乐家和作曲家,我在您的处置,为实现您的项目。书籍,服装,舞蹈,娱乐,音乐,设计,活动,家庭照片,动物照片,肖像,制度,不要犹豫与我联系任何摄影项目。


Eric GS, Marseille, France, June 2021

Ho Chi Min City, Vietnam, summer 2016



  • "EN VI(e)LLE" (Marseille, novembre 2011)
  • "eXposed" (Paris, mars 2012)
  • "En Ville 2" (Paris, 26 mars au 28 avril 2012)
  • "eXposed II" (Paris, du 7 novembre 2012 au 8 décembre 2012)
  • "Sign Out" (Paris, mars 2014)


  • BARQUE New York (USA)
  • ANRS (French Research Agency against AIDS)
  • ENIPSE (France)
  • La Maison d'Ulysse (France)
  • Kinksmith (Australia)
  • Antonin Catering (Hong Kong)
  • Disciples Escoffier (Hong Kong)
  • The Cheese House (Hong Kong)
  • "La Mine" Bar (France)
  • "Le KoX" Bar (France)
  • Lucas Defayolle Dance Company (France)
  • Tarinof Dance Company (Japan)
  • Zeng: registered yoga teacher (China)
  • Gio: registered yoga teacher (China)
  • Antoinette Rozan, Artiste (Hong Kong)
  • Rex Paris, Artisan Créateur (France)
  • Boxxman Paris (France)


  • "We Are The Market", février 2012
  • "Beautiful Mag", mars 2012
  • "Beautiful Mag", décembre 2015
  • KinkSmith, avril 2012
  • 2012 Fall/Winter Collection, "BARQUE New York", juillet 2012
  • "TURN ON: Sneax" aux Editions Bruno Gmunder, dans le livre "TURN ON: Sneax" (2013)


Séance de dédicaces à l'occasion de la sortie du photobook
Séance de dédicaces à l'occasion de la sortie du photobook "TurnOn: Sneaxx"



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