Adobe "Neural Filters"


Creative, have you ever played with the new and amazing “Neural Filters” introduced in Adobe Photoshop a few months ago?

Personally, when I'm short of ideas, when I want to have fun, to experiment, to waste time that is not really wasted time, "Neural Filters", I love it! ;-)
In addition to the efficiency of some of them in tasks, such as the colorization of black and white images (see example below), or the removal of JPEG artefacts, it is a real laboratory of ideas that I do not think about. don't get bored.

Adobe Photoshop has a lot of competition, and I've tried almost all of them (from Luminar to Affinity Photo to Pixelmator).
But Adobe Photoshop is part of this software that is sometimes a bit “gas factories”, it is true, but whose possibilities are limited only by those of our imagination (Logic Pro X, for musical composition, is also part of these software which I particularly like, because they are the engines to go always further).

In short, I won't teach you anything by writing that creation is "fun", and "fun", you will also get it with "neural filters".


Peng Chau in your bedroom?



Photography is included in the services offered by OneEGS.

This includes the shooting, but also the sale of fine art photos, in all formats.

Here, a sunset over Peng Chau Island, Hong Kong, as it might appear in your bedroom (or living room).

Do not hesitate to visit www.egsphotography.com for more photos that you will only find there!





Hong Kong - Marseille ;-)


Delivered by the postman this morning: the fruit of hours of work carried out from February to June 2021, for the layout, before printing, of Vincent Mausset's autobiographical work.

Entitled "Douala-Hong Kong, memories of Overseas", it is for me, and for OneEGS, a kind of "Hong Kong-Marseille", since the author is in the city that I left temporarily last February.

274 fascinating pages from a life that is nothing ordinary.



Open all summer!


OneEGS does not take vacations, and remains at your service all summer, for all your digital needs!

Do not hesitate to disturb us: we are not at the beach ;-)

And even if you are enjoying sand, sea and sun, don't forget that all good things come to an end: let's prepare for back to school together!



Restoration of Old photos



If our digital photos will still seem about as fresh in a few decades, those made by our elders, our ancestors, often do not hold up well over time.

The charm of film, sometimes, fades over the years ...

Fortunately, the two worlds, film and digital, are not so far apart that we are wrong to believe: they are complementary, they are related!

Returning to film photography can give photography back its personality, charm, and its letters of nobility, just as the digital processing of old photos can give them back the dapper aspect they once had.



(Eric GS Grand Parents, Alger, 1928, photo "scannée" avec un smartphone)




(après retouche et agrandissement pour impression)




After refreshing, and colouring :-)



In this spirit, EGS offers you a service of refreshing and retouching old photos.


If the temptation is sometimes great to use a dedicated application, on his smartphone or his personal computer, the algorithmic automatism of this software is only a stopgap.

To preserve your soul in a photo of humans, made by a human, whose development of the film and the printing on paper are also the work of humans, nothing beats expertise, know-how, attention and the meticulousness… of a human being!


The more accurate the scan of your old photos, the better the end result.

For this purpose, we also digitise your old photos when you do not have the necessary equipment or time.


The two examples presented, made from photos scanned with a smartphone (which is far from the best option for an optimal result!), Each required about an hour of work.


Our prices are decreasing according to the volume of photos to be processed, and depending on whether they involve the digitization stage by us.

They start at 6 € / photo. We deliver the refreshed photos in low resolution (72 dpi) for the web, social networks, emails, and after nondestructive enlargement, in high resolution (300dpi) for printing.


Do not hesitate to test our talent on one or two old photos, then to entrust us with the others if you are satisfied with the result!



A question of "image"



A website is a presentation and information tool.
He must "show" and inform.
It is your identity.

The visuals used on a website are often indicative of the quality of the services offered.
This is the reason why these visuals (photos, logos, products, pictograms, etc.) must be taken care of.

If smartphones are now precious photographic companions, with remarkable image quality, framing, color balance and harmony, shooting angle, adjustment of the size and resolution of the image to be compatible with fast loading, are things that still require - fortunately! - a minimum of human expertise.

Smartphones are smart enough to cope with poor lighting conditions, but not smart enough to create the light that will provide the desired atmosphere for a particular place.

Presenting artworks, an object, a painting cannot be improvised either. We must respect the personality of the artist, the message conveyed by the works, but also be relevant and convincing when the client, it happens, does not have the necessary distance to consider other choices than his own.

Displaying a past event on a website, or restoring the prevailing atmosphere within a company, is also something that requires some human skills that a smartphone does not have ;-)

Whether it is for the realization of your website, or for that of the visuals that will be published there, you can count on EGS Services, on our expertise and our know-how, which will always take into account your personal vision, and the image. that you want to display.

A real question of image ;-)


Need a Website?


Having a website to present your activity, your small business, or even to introduce yourself when you are looking for a new professional opportunity, has become a "must."

To the point that many companies have sprung up (Wix being among the best known), offering you to build your website without special knowledge.

The hosts (of sites) are also started, and also offer almost "turnkey" solutions.

Other companies offer to optimize the SEO of your brand new site so that it ranks high in search engines or, more simply, is "findable".

A well-designed website must meet certain needs, and respect certain "rules".

There are, to simplify, three types of websites whose complexity, implementation, maintenance and updating (with new articles) differ very significantly:


  • the static website: made up of 2 or 3 pages, which do not have to be updated very often, it is often the simplest solution to present itself, as simple moreover as its implementation. The pages, once built, are placed on a hosting space, accessible to the public, and no maintenance is necessary.
  • the semi-dynamic website: made up of a static "base" (the two or three pages making up a static site), it is embellished with a "dynamic" part (designed to be updated regularly with new articles ), and it is called in a very general way "blog". The "blog" part is updated according to new articles, by a relatively simple action of their author. This is the model chosen for EGS Services.
  • the dynamic website, also called Content Management System (CMS): whether it is built on a Wordpress, Joomla, Drupal, or other "framework", its operating principle is invariable. Pages do not physically exist: they are built on the fly, when the visitor types an address invisibly generating a query on a database. If the implementation of such sites is a little more complex, and requires some technical knowledge (php, sql ...), CMS offer endless possibilities, from blogs to online stores, including learning platforms. and training (eLearning). Once the site is built, the end user has a simple interface, similar to word processing software, allowing him to upload new information without the intervention of a technician.
    the merchant site is not strictly speaking a particular "type" of website: the online sales option can be added to each of the three types of sites described above.

We can create your site to your needs, and to your image.

 Unlike online site creation solutions (Wix, Jimdo, Weebly, etc.), where you are alone in the face of strategic choices (design, content, interactivity, etc.), it is after having listened to and understood your needs that we will offer you the most suitable solution which, in the medium term, may prove to be more relevant and less expensive.

Link your website to your Facebook page, your Instagram account, or your LinkedIn account?

From simple advice to construction and maintenance, you can count on us.



Need Training?


Does your team need to be trained?

Whether in education, IT, photography, communication, we are there to provide the answers to your needs, as consultants, to develop a strategy and a training plan, as well as to implement this training.


about OneEGS


Welcome to my blog,

I have gathered here all the multiple facets of my universe. These are essentially "digital": the computer is my friend! My MacBook Pro is at the center of all my activities, photographic, musical, entrepreneurial. I recently regrouped all of these activities under a single banner, www.egs.one, because they are, for me, intimately linked and all come from the same engine that drives me in everything I do: creativity .

Create images, musical or graphic compositions, solutions for those whom the notion of "digital" is still abstract, to parody a French singer, "I do not know how to create".

I became aware of the advantage represented by my mastery of the facets mentioned above when I was in charge of an ambitious project of an innovative digital establishment in Paris, in 2008. From the stage of reflection on the objectives to achieve, in their drafting (educational and pedagogical project), research into technological solutions serving the project in negotiations with the chosen service providers, from site supervision to in-house training of teachers on the new means made available to them, the defense of the project vis-à-vis the management body of the establishment for communication documents intended for families, official institutions (Diocese, Ministry of National Education), I did not spare my efforts.

It is a coach, in Hong Kong in 2018, who, at the end of the presentation that I had made of this achievement, allowed me to achieve the challenge that I had taken up. Even the contract offered by Apple on the day of the official inauguration of the new establishment (Apple Education Mentor) had not allowed me to take the measure.

I now offer my skills, using my time to save that of those who call on me!


巴黎的摄影师(见我的照片博客 (www.egsphotography.com)音乐家和作曲家(music.egsparis.com),我在您的处置,为实现您的项目。书籍,服装,舞蹈,娱乐,音乐,设计,活动,家庭照片,动物照片,肖像,制度,不要犹豫与我联系任何摄影项目。