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EGS Services was created in Paris, France, in 2011.

Eric GS (EGS) led from 2008 to 2011 an innovative digital school project in Paris. From its development to its writing (educational and pedagogical projects), from the search for technological solutions serving the project to the selection of providers (Apple, Cisco, Signal ...), through the production of presentation documents for families , the press, institutions and the media, as well as site supervision, and teacher training in the new tools available to them, the range of skills deployed earned it after the establishment's inauguration, which is another reference, an Apple Education Mentor contract.

Eric GS also has 32 years of service in education, in France, as a teacher at the start of his career, then Educational Framework, and finally, in his last mission in Paris, executive assistant in charge of the educational pole of '' a school group integrating a General High School, a Professional High School, an Apprenticeship Training Unit (UFA) and an Educational and School Boarding School (IES). Knowing perfectly all the workings of an establishment, trained in conflict resolution, mediation between the various actors involved (administration, teachers, parents, students), it is the ideal third party that allows a problem to find a favorable outcome.

Finally, Eric GS is photographer - he worked for BARQUE New York (fashion), for the ANRS (health prevention) - and musician / composer for image, theater and dance. This artistic component, a token of creativity, is the link uniting all of its skills.

Present since 2017 in Hong Kong, he has forged links with the best local businesses and artisans in the city.

Collaborating with him, Zac Lau (communications specialist, for the Guangzhou sector) and Alfred Cheung (logistics specialist, for Hong Kong and Shenzhen) liaise with local businesses and artisans, when necessary, in order to best translate your needs.

Maintaining close links with the company Riviera Networks, based in Aix en Provence, we also aim to meet your major needs in terms of systems information and communication, eLearning, cloud computing. You can consult here the offer that we can deploy in terms of distance education, and here the one we can implement for teleworking.

"In Hong Kong, nothing is impossible!"

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