Adobe "Neural Filters"

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Creative, have you ever played with the new and amazing “Neural Filters” introduced in Adobe Photoshop a few months ago?

Personally, when I'm short of ideas, when I want to have fun, to experiment, to waste time that is not really wasted time, "Neural Filters", I love it! ;-)
In addition to the efficiency of some of them in tasks, such as the colorization of black and white images (see example below), or the removal of JPEG artefacts, it is a real laboratory of ideas that I do not think about. don't get bored.

Adobe Photoshop has a lot of competition, and I've tried almost all of them (from Luminar to Affinity Photo to Pixelmator).
But Adobe Photoshop is part of this software that is sometimes a bit “gas factories”, it is true, but whose possibilities are limited only by those of our imagination (Logic Pro X, for musical composition, is also part of these software which I particularly like, because they are the engines to go always further).

In short, I won't teach you anything by writing that creation is "fun", and "fun", you will also get it with "neural filters".


Peng Chau in your bedroom?

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Photography is included in the services offered by OneEGS.

This includes the shooting, but also the sale of fine art photos, in all formats.

Here, a sunset over Peng Chau Island, Hong Kong, as it might appear in your bedroom (or living room).

Do not hesitate to visit www.egsphotography.com for more photos that you will only find there!





Hong Kong - Marseille ;-)

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Delivered by the postman this morning: the fruit of hours of work carried out from February to June 2021, for the layout, before printing, of Vincent Mausset's autobiographical work.

Entitled "Douala-Hong Kong, memories of Overseas", it is for me, and for OneEGS, a kind of "Hong Kong-Marseille", since the author is in the city that I left temporarily last February.

274 fascinating pages from a life that is nothing ordinary.



Open all summer!

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OneEGS does not take vacations, and remains at your service all summer, for all your digital needs!

Do not hesitate to disturb us: we are not at the beach ;-)

And even if you are enjoying sand, sea and sun, don't forget that all good things come to an end: let's prepare for back to school together!


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