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In The Mood...

My mood notes: a section that also allows me to indulge in a little pleasure, that of writing. Politics, society, human relations, everything goes there, in a calm or sometimes rude tone.But never vulgar ;-)

A Chinese Boyfriend?


Chinese boyfriend? Pros and Cons...

Preamble 1: this article also applies in the context of "having A Chinese girlfriend" ...

Preamble 2: I have voluntarily enlarged the line in what follows. I love China, I love the Chinese (except the 6.4% I discuss below), and my next boyfriend will be Asian (not necessarily Chinese). There is something in a Franco-Asian relationship that I cannot explain or even describe, that I have never found in a Franco-French relationship. Finally, my words are inevitably biased by the recent break-up (on his initiative and after 3 years, to the day, of our relationship), with my last Chinese boyfriend (from Group 1 described below, being myself, see below also, a Case 3).

Preamble 3 (longer): Chinese boyfriends fall into three distinct groups. The relationship you have with yours will depend directly on the group to which he / she belongs (and how much you affection each other, of course):

• in the first group, which I will call Group 1, we will find the Chinese boyfriends who strongly support their government. In this group, we find both cultured, educated people, as well as assholes (called 50 cents or Wumaos) whose favorite pastime is to create phony accounts on Western social networks to dump there, in a formatted way, like clones, the simplistic propaganda as suggested to them by the Party. These are very aggressive, as much as they are stupid.
• in the second group, which I will call Group 2, we will find those who are fighting against their government (you might as well say it right away, they are rarer ...)
• finally in the third group, Group 3, we will find those who don't give a damn about politics, especially when it concerns their country ;-)

In fact, we see that these 3 groups reflect the 3 types of Chinese population:
- the pro-CCP minority (the CCP has 90 million members, which, reduced to a total population of around 1.5 billion souls, corresponds to a small 6.4% of the population), whose base is constitued of people choosing to be members only for personal interest ( better job, better salary, better retirement ...),
- the anti-CCP minority, which can hardly express itself because of the other minority, the one who holds power, and which also holds a good part of the anti-CCP ... in prison,
- finally the majority, made up of 400 million individuals belonging to the Chinese middle class, living in a golden cage, taking advantage of its power of consumption as well as distractions preventing it from thinking too much about its condition, as well as a billion less spoiled Chinese who do not have time to think about politics, their subsistence, through work and low wages, being their priority.

You: your personality will play a major role in your relationship, depending on which group your boyfriend falls into:

- case 1: you are interested in geopolitics, and you therefore like to exchange freely and objectively on the subject,
- case 2: geopolitics, that annoys you, and you mainly prefer to coo and go shopping,
- case 3: you are attached to the values ​​of freedom, in particular freedom of expression, which are current in your country of origin, and you defend these values ​​wherever they are not permitted.


Group 1 / Case 1: no luck! Forget about geopolitics, it will inevitably be an unapproachable subject, on pain of rupture ... Unless you are as sinophile as a true Chinese nationalist. If you are convinced that the whole world is the enemy of your boyfriend's homeland, as he too is convinced, then you will be fine. Otherwise, you will have to resign yourself to excluding objective geopolitics from any subject of discussion.
Advantage: if your other half is educated, cultured, he will be the ideal guide to introduce you to the country, its language and its culture (if you agree to admit that, according to him, the Tian An Men massacre was just a picnic that would have gone wrong, and that the millions of deaths of the Cultural Revolution are an invention, a fantasy, a lie of Westerners…).
Ah, you will also have to admit that the Uighurs are super-lucky that the Chinese government favors their integration with such devotion…).
Or that Taiwan must be assimilated (reunification and assimilation, a deliberate confusion of the Chinese regime).
If your other half is a Wumao, I can only advise you to end your relationship ;-)

Group 1 / Case 2: you're a lucky one. No friction to be expected. Enjoy it! Go shopping, wear pretty Western designer clothes and shoes, and spend at least an hour a week in an Apple Store ;-).
What great memories to collect together: “my new Apple Watch”, “my new Nike”, "My first Hermès", "my first YSL" ...

Group 1 / Case 3:
Run away! Unless you like to hear that the devil is America, and that Europe no longer exists ;-)

Group 2 / Cases 1, 2 and 3:
Whether you are a Case1, 2, or 3, you will be able to talk about anything, including talking badly about China, mainly speaking badly about China ;-)
However, the Chinese boyfriends of Group 2 have one flaw: they are so critical of their country that it is sometimes difficult to make them admit that we also find good things there, or that the Chinese are people overall pleasant.
If yours does not live in China, it will be almost impossible to consider a vacation there: "everything but China" is his credo! Except for the food ;-)

Group 3 / Cases 1, 2 and 3:
Just forget that your boyfriend is Chinese, and talk about everything except politics, or China. Let him / her discover your culture, your gastronomy, but still take him / her regularly to a Chinese restaurant: food, in Asia, is like a religion. ;-)

Last thing:

The motivations that push a Chinese to take an interest in a Westerner vary depending on whether one is in China or in the West. And here I am speaking mainly to men ...

In China:

The Chinese men you meet will be mainly motivated by the size of your "cock", your "bistouquette", your "zigounette", in short, by the size of your cock ...
In the Chinese imagination, Westerners have big ones, and in their unbreakable inferiority complex (the very one that sometimes makes them very aggressive), they are convinced that they have a very small one.
I would add that in the idiotic imaginations of some Westerners too, Asians are supposed to have been stolen by Mother Nature ...
The reality is that some Westerners have very small ones, and quite a few Chinese have more than respectable ones, even extraordinary ones ;-)
But even if they are well endowed by nature, they will keep this fantasy of the "westerner" ridden like a donkey. It's like that.
One of my first funny memories in China, I owe it to the first Chinese I had fun with in Chengdu who, taking "my thing" in one hand, blurted out "It's soooooo big!" ,which made me laugh!

The second and rarer motivation is the prospect, more or less conscious, of a relationship allowing him to escape the Party regime by marrying you at home.

In Occident:

No matter your age, no matter your physique, whether you are the Robert Redford type or the Quasimodo type, the thickness of your wallet will be decisive, much more than your cock thickness. If you are "poor", you are unlikely to find a Chinese boyfriend in Paris ... even if you have a big "cock" ;-)
The challenge for a Chinese in the West is to find someone who will have the means to maintain it, or even to sign a PaCS or a marriage contract in order to be able to stay in the West.
Love will only be a facade, be warned!
I will end by adding, on this last point, that the failed French people who expatriate to China after finding a Chinese woman to marry in order to be able to stay there and build a life in which they have the impression of having succeeded have nothing to envy the Chinese student leaving in Paris with an old beau to be able to stay there.



Facebook: the giant with feet of clay


Did you have a good evening yesterday?

A late afternoon, early evening, early night without Facebook and Instagram: a great first for humanity!
Humanity which now knows that it can survive without Mark Zuckberg and the artificial universe he imposes on us. Or rather that we impose ourselves ...
Let’s not forget: we participate in what we denounce.
We are accomplices, but we don't talk about it too much.

An evening in the form of victory, therefore: Humanity vs Facebook> 1/0!

Well, the most interesting in my opinion are the pathetic reactions that quickly poured in on other social networks. The idiotic reactions of that part of humanity convinced that life passes through Twitter, Tik Tok, Snapchat, YouTube… and Instagram. And Facebook…

Paradoxically, all these people who rejoice in the rout of two major social networks on which they exhibit themselves, on which they invent a dream life that is far from theirs, on which they promote themselves, on which they dream of notoriety, on which they try to sell their products or services ...

The only joy we can get from this blackout, which shouldn't have been the subject of more than two lines in the media, is that it shows that giants have feet of clay.

Something to remember: the giants are less solid than the people.

Provided that the people do not wait for the giant they worship to be on the ground to kick his ass ;-)


it's back to school!


In this back-to-school period, let's see how things are going outside our borders ...

I will not comment on this video: just know that we can find much worse about what happens in Chinese dormitories ... which pressure and frustration engender when there is no other way out.


Je t'aime. Moi non plus...



Pain is inspiration.

As part of my training (on Premiere Pro this week) I had to create a short film. I wrote the storyboard the day my other half confirmed to me that we no longer exist as a couple.

For the story, I reversed the situation as if I was the one that had decided to break up.

The film contains all the mistakes a beginner can make.

But it was a good opportunity to "tell a story" by sticking my music to it. You can find the complete version of the track I used by clicking this link.


The Same Moon, Hong Kong



There's one Moon only. We all see and share the same one, wherever we are.

When I get to feel lonely, when I miss you too much, I look at it and it connects me to you.

I wish I have a full Moon every night...



Saigon, Hong Kong...



You love Saigon? You love Hong Kong?

I love them too :-)

This is probably why I did not remain insensitive to this original initiative, and this is why I do not hesitate to share the link so that you too can benefit from it :-)

Click for a very nice trip :-) or many :-)



The Right of...


A post that will not please everyone, which ends in the form of an open letter to the "antivaxers".

The Ministry of Health would go crazy: "Your drunk friend has the right to want to go home alone ...", says a campaign, currently on the web. So here is the government adhering to the slogan of the Antivaxs, and other "defenders of freedoms" (or rather of their personal freedom exercised to the detriment of that of others) by emphasizing "the right to" ...

Thus, your drunk girlfriend would have "the right" to want to go home alone, to possibly take her car to return, to possibly cross another vehicle driven by a couple with children in the back, to possibly cause an accident which eventually kill parents and their children?

In the name of the sacrosanct "right of", which makes a part of the French population scream for "dictatorship" without scruples, and without brains, the government would therefore encourage people to forget common sense?

The "right to", individual or collective freedoms, cannot be exercised to the detriment of the "right to" and the individual and collective freedoms of others. Freedom is not about doing what you want, where you want, as you want. Freedom is doing what you want, where you want, how you want, as long as the freedom and security of others is preserved. If you are of my generation, you have no doubt been taught that "our freedom ends where the freedom of others begins". “Dictatorship” implies not claiming any freedom, any “right to”. The dictatorship gives you the rights it wants, not the rights you want.

And no, you don't "have the right to" want to come home alone when you're drunk. You shouldn't even be "drunk" on the public road, period. When you're drunk, be drunk at home. Elsewhere and drunk, you're just a drag. In every sense of the word: the ball to drag, and the ball that kills.


You have the right to castigate the Sanitary Pass, not the right to castigate those who have chosen to be able to present it in public places.

Here is already a right that you would not have in a "dictatorship". Calling into question the decisions of your rulers, in a dictatorship, would lead you straight to prison, are you aware of this, pathetic brainless, when you claim that France has become one?

When the first anti-Covid measure, wearing a mask, was imposed, you claimed your right not to wear it. Specialist and improvised scientist, you claimed that the mask was useless. When I arrived in Marseille on February 1, 2021, from Hong Kong, what was my surprise to find that only half of the population wore their mask elsewhere than under the chin, or around the arm, or in their poached.

When it was a question of confinement, you considered that it was an attack on freedoms, while you only saw your freedom, and that selfishly, you did not care about the impact on others of a situation pandemic that did not see an end. In Marseille, confinement at 6 p.m. was partly respected at 8 p.m. When he was pushed back to 7 p.m., not was partially respected from 9 p.m. When it was set until 9 p.m., it was party time until midnight.

Even now, after more than a year and a half since the start of the epidemic, you are posing as a specialist, a scientist, an expert in pandemic, to declare that the vaccine is ineffective, or dangerous, that we have not enough hindsight, that the pharmaceutical labs fill their pockets, that the government maintains a tense and complicated situation just to deprive you of your freedom.

You demonstrate on Saturday waving slogans that you don't even see the incongruity of, proclaiming "the 4th wave is us!" ".

You are convinced that the vaccinated are playing the game of "dictatorship", and you play that of the extremes, left and right, with which you proclaim your "indignation" in the demonstrations, without even being aware that the risk of "dictatorship" comes precisely from those who parade, slyly, to achieve their ends, by your side.

The scientists, the real ones, have shown that the only possible weapon against this damn virus that is not a "flu" is vaccination. A large majority of the French population is fed up with this interminable pandemic and wants it to end. So the stacking, individualistic, selfish, brainless, stupid minority in which you indulge has only two choices now: stay home and shut up, or "take the risk" of the vaccine and help put an end to this. situation.

There is no other option.

The so-called dictatorship you are denouncing still allows you to leave it: go and try your luck in Russia, China, North Korea, for example.

Learn about life.


E-Mu IN, M-Audio OUT


M-Audio Radium 49 (2003) and E-Mu XBoard 49 (2005): only two years separate these two control keyboards from each other.

Yes, but there you have it: the first is incompatible with the latest versions of MacOS X, while the second is.

When I returned from Hong Kong in February 2021, my younger brother lent me his Radium 49 to allow me to continue making some music. Disappointment: to be able to use it, I had to connect its MIDI Out to the MIDI In of my Zoom audio interface. The USB connection was simply inoperative. Besides the keyboard itself being particularly noisy, the requirement to have my audio interface up in order to be able to use it annoyed me.

Two months ago I found a used E-Mu Xboard 49 for € 35.
Divine surprise: this keyboard was immediately recognized by my MacBook Pro under MacOS 11.5 :-) Its keyboard is also quieter than that of the Radium, and a useful little refinement, it is sensitive to after-touch.

As far as I'm concerned, I won't buy any M-Audio product again: a brand unable to stick to the technical specifications that allow it to survive time hardly deserves any attention.

Bravo to E-Mu, whose products, even the most “low cost”, are still “in” 16 years after their release, while those of M-Audio are “out” less than ten years after their marketing (incompatibility of Radium 49 is well before the release of Big Sur, or even Catalina…).